I have a lot of experience designing complex projects from end to end, and handling every separate aspect: server configuration, database, deployment, frontend. Nowadays I specialize towards SaaS web software with Node.js, but I have ample C++ / Qt experience as well.

I like well designed code, up-to-date framework, new technologies and clean git repos.

I am currently interested in Rust and Svelte



A platform to play boardgames online. Boardgames can be added, updated and removed dynamically. Features include game creation, spectating, ELO rankings, a variety of options and integration with a NodeBB forum.

There are currently two boardgames on the platform: Gaia Project and 6nimmt.

Technologies: VueJS, MongoDB, Node.js, SVG

A simple web application to estimate BPM (beats per minute). It is a progressive web app, so it can be installed on iOS and Android.

Technologies: VueJS, PWA
Colorizer POC

A simple web app images are uploaded on a grid and can be colored at will. Uses SVG filters and matrixes to achieve the effect.

Technologies: VueJS, SVG
Open Drive

A cross platform Google Drive client, originally made due to the lack of alternatives on Linux. It monitors local file changes to sync with the remote Google Drive folder.

Technologies: Electron, Node.js

A Node.JS module to lock a resource using MongoDB as a mutex. Useful when deploying a NodeJS application as a cloud, to prevent race conditions.

Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB

A Node.JS module to rate limit actions per IP or user. Useful to prevent spam, and collect basic analytics.

Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB
Monkeyball POC

A simple OpenGL program with a ball rolling on generated terrain, with friction and gravity

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, SFML
Pokémon Online

A Pokémon battle simulator, fully made in Qt and then a web client and android application were added. Had over 1000 concurrent players for a few years.

Technologies: Qt, C++